Manifesto for villages:

Mahatma Gandhi had said that the soul of India live in villages. So the development of India can't happen without the development of villages. party is dedicated for the all around development of the villages. Each village has it's on strength and areas to be improved. each village has its on crafts and economical activities. so the local people of of that village is more acquainted with the economical activities of that village. so our party has involved experts along with local people for preparing the manifesto for the The villages. In each Village committee has been established to formulate its Policy. To fulfill the aspirations of people following steps will be taken:-
1) strengthening of the Panchayati system:- The law through the legislative assembly will be passed to give financial power to the the panchayat to generate resource for financing their local projects.
2) Annual auditing of the panchayat work:- Independent agency will audit the work done by the panchayat.The report will be put in the public domain.The villagers will be one of the stakeholders.It will stop the corruption at the grassroot level.
3).The modernisation of the primary school:- Within 4 months of the government formation the primary school of each village will be transformed.The school will have world class infrastructure.It will be equipped with computer labs and playground.Each school will have separate toilets and latrine for girls and boys students.

We have a financial model for it.The state government will allign with educators throughout the world and NGO.We will encourage them to adopt one school and finance them.In return of it we will shape our bright future.As child is the future of our nation.Our children will get all the opportunities to explore themselves.
4).Regularisation of the teachers:- Teacher is the creator and guardian of our future.So,the system of contractual teachers will be abolished.They will be permanent.The teachers in the villages will be incentivised.They will be given training regularly.Teachers will be given only teaching works.No other works will be assigned to him.So the quality of education will be improved automatically.
5).Sports club:- Intra village sports will be held annually after harvesting of rabi crops.A team consisting of best players from the village will be qualify for the inter village sports tournament.The best players will be given proper training under professional.This initiative will transform village into modern "Olympiad "village.In this way Our youth talent will be polished.Thus,it encourages our soft power.
Financial model:-The state players along with their sponsors will be encouraged to establish the sports club.The youth's energy,thus,will be syngergized.
6).Village clinic:- The primary Healthcare centre (PHC) will be opened in each village.The medicine will be available free of cost to each one irrespective of their financial status.The doctor will be monitored directly by the health ministry.By the use of Information and technology ,telemedicine,the highly qualified doctors of reputed institutions like AIIMS will guide the doctors at the PHCs.Many diseases can be treated at the PHCs level. Financial model-30% of health budget will be given to PHCs by the state government.
7).Ambulance system:- Ambulance vehicles including ambulance bikes will be deputed in the villages to cope with the health emergency situation.For this interested youth of that village will be recruited by the panchayat.The health fighter will be given salary as per state government policy.
8).ASHA and Anganwadi workers' salaries will be increased as per the minimum wages law.Their hike will be linked with the inflation.Thus with inflation their salary will be automatically hiked.
9).Kisan mandi:- In every village there will be Kisan Mandi.This mandi will be linked with e-NAM.Thus ,the farmers will be free from the clutches of the middlemen.This mandi will be composed of the farmers of that village and VDO(village development officer).The mandi will be equipped with hi-tech facilities.
10).Implementation of Swaminathan report:- Our government will implement Swaminathan Report in its true sense.There will be no ifs and buts.It will be implemented in letter and spirit.
11).Establishment of seed bank:- In each village our government will establish seed bank.This seed bank will be operated under the watch of ICAR and PUSA.The farmers will be given training to run it.Thus,they will also get skilled.
12).Incentivisation of Organic farming:- The farmers will be encouraged to adopt the organic farming.The government will help them to adopt it.They will be provided international market for exporting their organic products.They will be trained to cope up with the new technologies.
13).Solar panel:- The farmers will be provided solar panel to implant it.Thus they will harness energy as well as extra energy will be purchased by the government as well as private company to improve their carbon credit.Thus the farmers will get extra income.

14).Cottage industry:- Our party always thinks that every village has its own model of economic activities.So,this model will be converted into sustainable model.For example-Pickle industry will be set up.It will be run by the village's women.The government will provide them latest technology and good infrastructure.They will be provided with financial support and good market place.They will be trained in online marketing.They will sell their product online.The online market will be owned by them. The hi-tech mills will be set up for processing the agricultural products.
15).The electrification of the village street:- The streets will be electrified using solar energy.The panchayat will own the solar panel and install them.The panchayat will recruit the people of that village to operate and maintain them.In this way some of the people will get job and at the same time the streets will become safer.
16).Community owned ponds :- In each village,the community owned ponds will be once again get another life.In this way water conservation will be done.At same time fishing and other poultry business will be also flourished.
17).Quality water:- With the help of villagers,the water bodies like ponds will be always kept clean.There will be WTP(water treatment plants) Owned by the Committee.This committe will comprise of Engineers and the experts alongwith villagers.The water will be supplied using the water tap.Thus every house will get tapped water. The quality inspection of water will be done by water ministry regularly.The engineer will be always there for resolving any problem.
18).Solar pump for irrigation:- The farmers will be provided with solar pump for irrigation.They will be trained to adopt advanced irrigation system like drip irrigation etc.
19).The elders'knowledge club:- Our elder has a lot of knowledge.This knowledge will be tapped and transfuse into the future generation.For this purpose there will be this club.In this way our elder will get respect as well as their knowledge will be utilised for the benefit of the society.
20).Cultural club:- This club will help the villagers to record their culture.So our upcoming generation will be always rooted with their culture.The cultural events will be organised and it will be broadcasted using youtube and other social medias as well as TV.Thus this will also generate income for them.The culture tourism will be promoted.
21).Redesigning of the streets:- The streets will be restructured according to masterplan.The local knowledge along with the help of material engineering,the streets will be made pucca using water absorbent materials.
22).Sanitation workers:- The workers will be equipped with the vaccum cleaner to clean the streets.The villagers will be themselves work as sanitation workers.Thus,They will make their village an ideal clean and green village.
23).Community based banking system:- For financial inclusion of every person in the village,community based banking system backed up by the nationalised bank will be opened in each village.Thus villagers will not have to travel miles of distance for just the sake of banking.The local youth will be recruited by this bank.Thus the youth will get job in its own village.
24).Village committee:- In each village a village committee will be set up under the supervision of the SP(gramin).It will maintain law and order situation in the village.
25).Girl empowered committee In each village there will a girl empowered committee under the supervision of the district court judge.It will fastrack the judgement related to crime against women.Initially in this committee,the advocates will be from the towns and cities.But in the upcoming 5 years, the local girls will be trained in the laws.Thus in the upcoming time the girls and women from the village will be recruited for this committee. Financial approachThe state government will finance the committee from the consolidated fund.
26).Committee on budget:- This committee will frame the annual budget of the village after thorough discussion.Then it will be put in the panchayat.The panchayat will meet the demand. All above steps will be implemented by our government within three months of government formation.

All above steps will make our village self -sufficient.It will be model villages for the European countries also.