Manifestos for Bihar State

Following are some steps which we are going to take when our party forms the government:-

1.Surplus employment:- Everyone who is eligible for gaining employment will be employed. We will adopt multi-pronged approach. By the law everyone who is above 18 years old has to register with the employment exchanger. Accordingly following steps will be taken:- (i) All government posts will be filled within 6 months of the government formation. After that a robust employment system will be created which will complete the whole recruitment process within 3 months annually .The whole process will be transparent. The accountability will be fixed on the head of the recruiting agency. The agency will be independent. The audit will be done by the independent auditing firm to ensure zero corruption. Under this about 30% of the eligible employable population would be employed. (ii) Robust agriculture sector:- The agriculture will be made a profit earning sector. The government will supply high tech machinery and all related services. The Swaminathan recommendation will be applied. The agriculture sector will be directly linked with the market. The ecosystem for exports will be created by setting-up of SEZ for agricultural product. It will employ about 30% of the population with the handsome amount of earning. (iii).Food Processing units:- In each subdivision food processing units will be set up according to the crops produced in that area. The single window clearance will be given within 48 hours of the application. The food processing will be done according to international standard. It will make our State destination for the food processing hub. It will employ about 2% of the population. (iv).Making Bihar educational hub:- By new education policy and infrastructural support more and more educational institutions will be set up. Each educational institution will be collaborated with the industries of the related field and the relevant skills would be imported. Many of them will collaborate with the top foreign universities. Thus our students will not migrate to the other states and other countries for the educational purpose. At the same time many talents from other states and other countries will be attracted towards our state. It will rebrand Bihar as the destination state for education. Many employment opportunities will be created. It will give employment to about 2% of the population. (v).Hub of software parks:- The educational hub and the single window clearance within 48 hours will result into the software parks. More and more software companies will set up their offices here. At the same time it will help to emerge new home-grown software companies. They will gain from the expertise of the MNCs (Multinational Companies). It will generate 30% of the employment required. (vi).Other rising industries like BPOs (Business Process Outsourcing) and skill imparting centres will also be set up. It will generate about 2% of the employment. (vii).MSME status to the Munger ordinance factory:- Due to the apathy of the government and with the support of henchmen the illegal market of manufacturing arms and ammunition is flourishing. Our government will give it MSME status. We will give them formal training and technology so that with the combination of their traditional knowledge they will be transformed into skilled human resource. In upcoming time we will grant them the status of the ordinance factory. Thus they will be able to produce modern arms and ammunition .Our government will procure their arms and ammunition for state police. In upcoming years it will also start to export. Thus with this step they will be formalized and come into the mainstream as well as creating 0.5% employment. (viii).Mainstreaming the manufacturing hub of Patna City:- In Patna City there is many units which manufacture detergents, soaps and other beauty products illegally. Our government will mainstream them. They will be given financial aid and training. Thus, it will sell their products with their own brand name. They will be no longer required to fake themselves. It will generate 0.5% employment. (ix).Redeveloping of the tourism hub:- Bihar has great potential of becoming tourism. It has diversified fields of tourism like historical places, religious places, medical tourism with respect to heart related treatment, village ecosystem tourism, religious tourism and nature tourism. The need of hour is to develop robust infrastructure. The transportation system will be developed. The law and order will be maintained. The tourist places will be developed. These infrastructural changes will result into development of the hospitality sector. Thus tourism sector will generate 10% employment. Thus, till now our employment generation will be surplus. It will rebrand Bihar as developed state as well as attract more and more investment. It, therefore, will generate more employment opportunities. The reverse migration takes place. Additionally, the more talent from other states and other countries will come into Bihar. Thus making our state vibrant will be reality. (x). Development of manufacturing units for small machineries like agricultural equipments like tractors, harvesters, combine etc. For the establishment of these our government will bring comprehensive Industrial policy. It will generate 20 % of the population.

2. Economical Prosperity:- For economical prosperity of our state we will overhaul our economy policy 3.0. It will cover 3 main aspects of developed economy i.e. Infrastructure, simplified economic policy with no red tapeism and robust skilled human resource. (a).Infrastructural development :- (i).Robust transportation system:- (a).The network of high standard road will be laid down across the state providing last mile connectivity.The industrial corridor will be constructed within a stipulated time connecting various industrial hub in our state.For this financing will be done using hybrid model consisting of state government,central government,private bodies and external borrowing from the international institutions like AIIB,world bank etc. (b).Construction of peripheral highways:- These peripheral roads highways will be constructed within six months of government formation.For constructing it we will take the help of NHAI which had constructed EASTERN PERIPHERAL connecting Delhi with the neighbouring states. It will connect the cities and towns through the outskirts. It will be useful for the running of the commercial vehicles carrying the industrial goods.Thus it will save time,money and also de-congest our cities and towns. (c).Development of river waterway:- The Ganga river-way will be developed with the financial aid of central government.It will be useful for the ferrying our manufactured goods to kolkata.From Kolkata it will be exported via Bay of Bengal using our robust harbour.It will encentivize the industries to come and set up their manufacturing units here. (d).24*7 hours uninterrupted power supply without any fluctuation at very low rates :- In Bihar there is network of rivers.There will be set up of power plants to augment our power production capacity.It will be in addition to the solar power and alternative source of power like nuclear power. (e).Water supply:- As in Bihar there is no dearth of rivers so we have surplus water for providing to the industries.So water incentive industries will get ample water for their industries. (f).Robust law and order:- The law and order will be prevalent in the state.It will bring peace and tranquility in our state.Thus it will be an ideal place for investment. (ii).Simplified economic policy:- Single window clearance within 48 hours will be granted using robust IT infrastructure.Use of the IT(Information Technology) will automatically remove the red tape-ism.It will improve our status in “Ease Of Doing Business Index”.It will attract the investors.The comprehensive economy policy will be legislate within one month of government formation. (iii).Skilled human resource:- Our education hub policy will polish our human resource with the help of sophisticated R&D and industrial collaboration. Our robust skill centre will provide much needed skilled human resource to the industries. Thus these three proactive steps will make our state an ideal place for the manufacturing hub.It will attract great amount of investment as the basic tenets of requirement for the successful business is being fulfilled.Thus the vacuum created due to COVID-19 disease will be filled by our state. (iv).Exploration of new minerals:- There are plateaus in Bihar.So it can be source for the many minerals.So R&D will be heavily invested to explore the minerals. There can be also good amount of mica which can be extracted from the river beds.For R&D the funding will be done by the state government. (v).Rejuvenation of Fertilizers industries of Barauni:- With the help of the central government we will start modernization of the fertilizer industries at Barauni.We will start it within one year of government formation.

3. Social empowerment:- The wheel of the development is the social empowerment.Without social empowerment there will be no development in real sense.So for the all around development of our state we need some much needed investment in social sector. These are our plans for the social upliftment:- (a).Health sector:- Without healthy society we will be always at the disadvantages just like we are facing now in the time of pandemic Covid-19 disease.We are in dire situation as we have not invested in health sector. (i).So for improving the health sector we will heavily invest in the health sector.We will invest 30% of the SGDP(State Gross Domestic Product) in addition to the central government assistance.We will build up robust PHC(primary health care centre) with the skilled human resource like paramedical staffs and doctors augmented by our education hub. Then secondary and tertiary line of the health sector will be modernized. (ii).Health insurance coverage :- There will be 100% health insurance coverage for all the residents of Bihar and also for those residents of Bihar living outside Bihar.It will be modeled on the financial help by the state government and private sector partnership.Its process will start from day one of the the government formation. (iii).Health tourism:- Our robust health infrastructure will attract the people from outside and even our neighbouring countries for treatment.It will make us financially strong.Thus the new avenue for the revenue will be generated. (iv).Strengthening of alternate medicine system like Ayurveda etc. We will provide financial help for the R&D (Research & Development) in alternate medicine system like Ayurveda.We have already advantage in this area as we have traditional, cultural and social knowledge about it.Thus,It will be also touch great milestone in medicine area.We will export our traditional knowledge to the world. (b).Education:- Education is much necessary in order to transform human being into human resource.Through education we will able to harness our young demographic dividend.For this we have a clear cut policy for Our state. (i).There will be no political and bureaucratic interference in the education system.It will be run and managed by the educationists themself.Their recommendation will be binding on our government.We will implement their recommendation in letter and spirit. (ii). 30% Of the state budget will be allocated to the education sector every year.The major portion of it will be spend on the primary and secondary education.There will be separate budget allocation for the higher education.This step will ensure that there will be no dearth of the finance and thus our education sector will attract best of the talent as teachers and professors.Free education will be provided to all the students irrespective of their economical condition. (iii).Collaboration with best universities and educational institutions as well as with industries will be done.It will result into the constant exposures and interaction of our talent with global talent.The industries collaboration will bring much needed technological advancement in our teaching and learning system. The above steps will covert our state into well equipped educational hubs.Thus it will attract students and researchers from other states and countries and augmenting our educational financial structure. (c).Zero hunger and no malnutrition:- Our government will proactively act to achieve zero hunger and no malnutrition by robust and overhauled PDS(public distribution system).The PDS will be monitored electronically.There will be also social auditing of it will be done by the social workers and institutions to plug any loophole if it remains even after electronic surveillance. (d).Social cohesion:- With the help of various social workers and learned persons across the society we will make egalitarian society where there will be no social discrimination.Although it will be Herculean task and take a lot of time but our government will pursue it religiously. (e).Free media:- We understand the importance of the free media.The unbiased and critical media is always good for the democracy.So,our government will never interfere with the functioning of the media.It will show the ground reality and in longer time it will help us to improve and implement our policy in better way.The government will never censure the media at any cost.It will be legally binding on us.They will regulate itself. Thus all above steps will improve our social condition and empower us in true sense.

4. Political empowerment:- In democratic set up there must be political empowerment of the whole society. For this our government is going to take following steps proactively:- (i).Decentralized local governance:- Our Urban and Panchayati raj system will be fully empowered to take decision independently.They will be financial independent and also get major financial chunks from the recommendation of State Finance Commission. We will adopt “Down to Top approach” development model. (ii). 50% reservation for the female at the every level of election:- From the assembly election to the local government election there will be 50% reservation for the female.It will bring true political change in our political discourse.It will be back up by the legislation. Our party will give 50% ticket to the female candidates.At the organizational level also our 50% party office bearers will be female. (iii).We will politically pressurized the central government to give compensation package which was announced at the time of the bifurcation of our state into Bihar and Jharkhand soon. Our party will take up this matter politically and legally also. (iv).No tickets to criminals:- Our party will never give tickets to the criminal at any cost. (v).No financial help from criminals will be accepted.

5. Migrant labour policy:- Our government economic policy will ensure that there will be no forced migration from our state to another state.Our economic activities will absorbs all of them .Thus they will get job here itself.They will also get universal income security guarantee of rupees ten thousand in addition to their wages.All of them will be covered under health insurance policy and their children will be cover under education insurance policy.

6. Additional revenue model:- (i).Infrastructural cess will be levied on the companies.This cess will be utilized for the giving universal income to the concerned labourer. (ii).Motor vehicle cess:- This cess will be levied on all categories of motor vehicles.This cess will be utilized in modernization of the robust traffic management. (iii).Licensed liquor excise duty:- There will be smart card enabled two litre quota for all types of liquor.There will accountability fixed on the exercise commissioner to regulate and monitor it.If any discrepancy is found then the commissioner will be shunted out immediately. There will additional cess on the liquor which will be utilized in the health sector.

7. For farmers:- Agriculture will be accorded the status of industry.By this step the agriculture sector will be benefited in the easy loan taking process,market access etc . (i).M.S.Swaminathan report will be accepted into true letter and spirit.The farmers will get infrastructural and technological support like harvester,combine,seeds ,soil health card and timely advanced advice on the agricultural changes taking place across the globe. (ii).Well structured irrigation facility via structuring of canals and rejuvenation of the ponds.The farmer will not be affected due to untimely weather condition. (iii).Advanced storage system:- Modern granaries with the application of traditional knowledge will be built across the villages to store the imperishable grains.Then it will be provided the market where the farmers can directly sell their produces.The transportation charge will be given by the government.At the same time they will get to the access of international market through e-commerce. (iv).Agro- based industries will directly procure the raw materials related to the agriculture from farmer.Thus the trap of middlemen will be broken. (vi).Poultry ,fishing and associated farming:- Our government will proactively work towards promoting the poultry ,fishing,bee keeping etc.We will provide financial and technological aid to the farmers.There will be no tax levied on their processed products also.Thus these will act as a major employment generator and at the same time they will become financially sound and independent.These activities will be insured under the insurance scheme. (vii).Animal husbandry:- The farmers related to these activities will get pastoral land and financial aid for well keeping of the animals.The animals will be vaccinated free of cost.The veterinary doctors will be appointed for each village.The traditional knowledge will be also promoted. The cooperative dairy units will be established in each block.Thus the dairy farmer will get competitive market for selling their products. The processed dairy product will get the access of wider markets through the e-commerce.The management of the e-commerce will be in the hand of the cooperative farmers themselves. Through above steps and suitable policy we will make our all forms of farmers whether landless,marginal and big farmers prosper.

8. The businessmen:- All types of businessmen whether they are small,medium or larger will be supported by the government and its agencies.They will get financial and infrastructural aid from us.The start up by them will be easily registered using e-application.Within one hour they will get license for running the business.They have not to face bureaucracy hurdle.Their all registration related work will done online using our robust IT infrastructure.They will get tax incentive for 10 years.

9. Women empowerment:- Our government will totally devoted towards the women emancipation.For this we will allocate separate gender budget for their well being. Following proactive steps will be taken by our government:- (i).Preparation and presentation of separate gender budget will be done. (ii).50% reservation to the women at all level of the governance will be made mandatory. (iii).50% reservation for women in the election will be made compulsory. (iv).Universal Basic Income(UBI) of rupees twenty thousand will be given to the women in their bank accounts directly. (v).Fast track courts will be set up to take the cases and violence related to women. (vi).The molestation will be made non-bailable offence.The rapists will be given death sentence through the fast track. (vii).e-complain system and mobile complaint system will be introduced through which without going to the police station F.I.R. can be lodged.

10. Police reform:- (i).Prakash Singh guideline given by the honourable Supreme court of India will be implemented within three months of the government formation. (ii).The policing system will be made independent of the political influence by according them the status of independent statutory body.This body will be invested with the power of recruitment,posting,promotion,salary and other allowances.The body’s recommendation will be binding on the government. (iii).50% workforce will be women to make them gender sensitive. (iv).Police atrocities will attract the termination of their service and jail imprisonment of 20 years. (v).Police will work as a friend of the residents and uphold law. At any cost law and order will be maintained. (vi).Police will be modernized with latest technology and sensible working.

11. Environment protection:- The recent experience of air pollution during the winter season and degrading quality of water are the enough indicators for the proactive steps to be taken to protect our environment.Expert committees will be set up to handle air pollution,water pollution and land pollution. Theses committee will have quasi judicial authorities.Their budgetary allocation will be separate.The committee will have to take all the steps.Our government will be abide by the directives of the committee. Thus in these ways our state will become torch bearer in all the areas. This state manifesto is just in continuation of our village manifesto,cities manifesto and district manifesto. We are here to work for Bihar and make Bihar most developed state in all the parameters of the development. We are always ready to incorporate all the new and innovative ideas.