Overview on Bihar Election 2020 Manifesto

Bihar has its own strengths and weaknesses. Our Party understands and believes in this uniqueness. So, our manifesto has followed “DOWN TO UP” approach. In concurrence with this our party has prepared Village based, cities based, district based and state based manifestos. We are also preparing sector specific policy paper so when we form the government we energize the whole system to fulfill it. Our state manifesto is a living document i.e.it is always ready to incorporate the new ideas beneficial for our state. So, changes will be incorporated based on the changing needs of our state. Our basic features remain intact. For preparing this sacred document we have involved all the stakeholders. The persons involved are common citizen to experts. So it is truly democratic in nature. As persons from all walks of life were involved so it is wholly humane in nature. For the first time in democratic history of the world our manifesto is going to be legally binding on our party. It means that public can sue us in the court if our promises to the people would not be fulfilled. The confidence behind this step stems from the dedicated and honest party men and the people of our state including public servants. Our manifesto is policy and vision document for our party. So it doesn’t only contain the promises but also the way for achieving it. It contains how we are going to manage and raise the fund. So, it boosts the confidence of the people. At the same time it inspires us to do more for our state. Our party will put the manifesto in public domain for critical analysis and invite the suggestion from all public including the opposition parties. After incorporating all the suggestions our party will release the legally binding manifesto. The basic features of our manifesto are economical empowerment of our state, social empowerment, cultural empowerment and political empowerment of our people and hence our state. Our whole work will emanate from these four basic tenants.