Manifestos for Districts

There are thirty eight (38) districts in Bihar. Every district has its own social, economical, cultural and historical importance. So, each district needs a detailed special care catered by local folks with state machineries just facilitating them. So, our party has come up with district wise manifesto. For the first time in democratic history of India our manifesto has been prepared by the people of that district only. So, it is truly democratic in nature. We are going to make our manifesto legally enforceable if our party forms the government. So, this manifesto is going to empower our people in real sense. There are some common problems which are prevailed in every district of our state Bihar .Firstly we are going to focus on them as these are affecting even basic attribute of each life .Our policy to tackle them are:-

1).Crime Free district:- The evolved Commissioner-system will be established in each district. It will result into the efficient and fast decision making. The e-filling of the F.I.R.(using internet) along with m-filling(using SMS as well as Call) will be allowed. The audited report will be put into the public domain. There would be 100 percent filling of the F.I.R. The mobile app for registering crime will be also launched. The CCTV will be installed at each public place. It will be monitored by the commissioner of police. He/she will be accountable for any kind of lapses.

2. The highly environment-friendly network of metalled road:- The latest technology will be used to lay the road in collaboration with Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Patna and Madras. The responsibility of laying road will be of Bihar PWD .It will be also held accountable for any type of corruption and management.

3. Plantation of plants and trees to the sidewise of roads:- Private players will be roped to plant trees and plants along the sides of the roads. The trees will be trimmed and maintained by them. The supervision will be done by the environmentalists. This step will ensure the healthy environment and at the same time the beautification of the district.

4. Smart Power Grid:- The overhead high tension wire will be made underground within 1 year of government formation. Optical fiber communication (OFC).It will help the electricity board to check the theft of electricity. At the same time it helps 24*7 hours uninterrupted supply of electricity.

5. Congestion free road:- With robust management of the traffic it is possible to have congestion free road. The CCTV camera will be installed at every red light. It will be complemented with artificial intelligence system to issue challan automatically for traffic- rule –violation.

6. Multi-super specialist hospital:- In each district there will be 1000-bed multi- super specialist hospital within 2 years of government formation. For this purpose our government will collaborate with AIIMS for technical cooperation and cooperate-world for financing.

7. Overhaulling of university and colleges:- In each district the existing colleges will be upgraded. The examination will be held timely. At the same time the result will be published on time. The course will be designed “research oriented “as well as “market demand” oriented.

8. Establishment of Industrial hub:- In each district IT software parks will be established. At the same time region specific industries will be set up. This policy will cater the demands of job. It will result into phenomenon of reverse migration. Our workforce will gain employment in their native state itself.

9. Development of Inland Waterway:- There are network of rivers in our state. So with the help of central government, the inland waterways will be developed connecting the cities for the transportation of industrial goods. It will cut the transportation cost. Thus it results into the cheaper goods.

10. Multi sports complex:- In each district there will be developed multi sports complex under the guidance of experts. They will be run and managed by sportspersons. It will tap and polish the talent. So our player has not to be forced to leave our state and join others.

11. District specific committee:- In each district there will be committee of development. This committee will consist of people from all walks of life .This committee will be empowered to recommend the new avenue of development and related modalities .The recommendations will be binding on the government. The committee will be statutory body.

12. Passing of master plan-2020:- For each district there will be master plan. According to this master plan the district will be developed.

13. Peace committee:- For maintenance of peace and harmony in the district there will be peace committee .This committee will consist of people from the all strata of the society. It will continuously engage with the people. Thus each and every concern of the society will be addressed amicably. It will maintain peace and harmony across the society. It will result into the brotherhood.

14. Women safety:- Women safety will be our priority. Multi-approach will be adopted as it involves both social and political angles. At political level the law will be implemented efficiently. There will be no delay in speedy and just justice. CCTV and artificial intelligence will be used. Zero tolerance policy against women atrocities will be adopted.

15. Efficient district disaster management force (DDMF):- The DDMF will be made compatible by regular training and providing latest technology. It will be efficiently tackle any form of disaster .So, there would be no repetition of Patna-flood 2019 like situation.