Manifestos for Urban areas

According to Census 2011, there are only five (5) towns in Bihar. The other so called towns have designated as towns by state government through law. Bihar is only state in India in which number of urban centres have been decreased .There were 135 urban centres in 1991 but it reduced to 130 in 2001.Our state is least urbanized .It has less than four(4) percent of the urban centres but the national average is twenty six(26) percent. All above statistics about the urbanization clearly demands a party which must have a clear and cut policy and “3D” approach to resolve the problems. Our party has such devoted and dynamic leaders. Our party has constituted one task force on urbanization .It has gone to the ground zero and prepared the report. The task force has also gone through the various related reports .Finally, on the recommendations of the task force, our manifestos have been prepared. As stakeholders and common people have been involved throughout the whole process so our manifesto is totally democratic. The following works will be done to address the menace of the urban centres in time bound manner:-
1).Ward wise policy making:- A town is always divided into various wards. So, for each ward there will be an expert committee .It will be consisted of ward member & elders of that ward and ward development officer(to be recruited soon). This committee will do wider consultation and then it will formulate the policy for the development. It will fastrack the whole process.At the same time it will encourage the people to actively participate in the development. There will “out of box” thinking for ward-all round development. The municipality will implement the committee’s recommendation in its true form in time bound time.
2).Rejuvenation of the street:- The streets in the residential areas in each ward will be designed by the expert. It will be rebuilt within one month of the government formation. The contract for the rebuilding the streets will be allotted to youth of that ward using e-bidding (online bidding using internet).Thus the youth will get employed at the same time. The work will follow the strict environmental norms. The quality inspection will be done by the third party according to European standard. Thus, it will ensure the quality as well as weed out the corruption. Every detail of the project will be kept in the public domain. It will make the whole process transparent.
3).The solar powered street:- The streets will be lit up by the solar street light. It will make our street smart. Financial model:-
For installation of the solar street light “PPP”(Public Private Partnership) model will be adopted. Under “Paris agreement” this project will get financial and technological help from the developed nation.

4).Covered drain:- Each and every drain will be covered within 15 days of the government formation. The design of the drainage system will be overhauled in collaboration with the IIT Madras. There will be installment of the Semi-permeable membrane at the opening of each drain. It will stop the choking of the drain. Thus ,the menace of the water logging in the residential areas will be solved.
5).Regular cleaning of the drainage system:- The science & technology will be used to clean the drains. For example Ultrasonic sound will be used to clean the drain. So, the sorry picture of the open gutter will be the things of the past. For this sanitation fighter will be trained periodically. The ministry of urban development will be made nodal agency.
6).Daily cleaning of the streets:- Sanitation fighters of local people will depute. They will clean the streets daily. They will be equipped with the latest technological innovation. Thus; it will lead to the clean ward.”NOIDA MODEL” will be adopted for financial support for this project.
7).Door to door garbage collection:- A vehicle with three different compartments will go to the door to door and collect the garbage. The garbage will be segregated at the household level itself. This initiative will keep our surrounding clean. At the same time Waste treatment plant will be set up. It will of three kinds: -
i).manure plant to convert biodegradable waste into manures as well as waste to energy plant.
ii).Non-biodegradable non-hazardous waste recycles plant
iii).e-waste treatment plant:-This plant will be used to extract metals and other useful materials from the electronic waste materials like computer and mobile phone etc.
Financial model:-The garbage collecting agency will generate income from the waste management plan. This model has been successfully implemented in the city of Indore.
8).Solving the waste menace:- WTP (waste treatment plant) will consume the whole heaps of the waste. It will be treated organically. Thus no further pollution will occur. The future waste generated will be handled using “door to door garbage collection policy.”
9).Well maintained park:- In each colony there will be a park. It will be “lungs of that colony”. Financial model:-Ecology club will be set up to maintain the park .The club will be financed by the state government. Its members will be students of that colony and environmentalists.

10).Cultural club:- In each ward a cultural club will be opened .It will be run by the learned elders of the ward. It will promote its cultural value. It will be equipped with Wi-Fi so that its program will be telecasted live.
11).Market place:- The government will provide market place in each ward .Only at this designated place shops will be opened. The charge of this market place will be very nominal. In return the shopkeepers will get well maintained hi-tech, clean and green market place.
12).Multi-purpose sports complex:- This sports complex will be maintained by the professional players only. The government will not interfere in its functioning. The youth of the town will get state of the art sports facility. They will get ample exposure to the national and international level competition.
13).Open Gym in the park:- The ministry of youth affairs will set up open gym in one of the end of the park. It will make our ward fit.

14).Ward clinic:- On the model of “Mohalla Clinic”, ward clinic will be set up on the government land. Twenty(20) percent of the health budget will be allotted for it.

15).Modern city hospital:- In each city modern hospital will be built. It will be multi-specialist hospital. WHO will finance it.It will consist of at least 500 bed hospitals. The patient will get world level treatment.
16).Installment of CCTVs:- Within one year of government formation CCTV will be installed at all public places. It will make our city safe. The crime rate will be reduced drastically. The monitoring centre will be under the supervision of the ACP (ASSISTANT COMMISSIONER OF POLICE).
17).Police chowki:- One police chowki will be established per two wards. It will be helpful in maintaining the law and order situation in the city.
18).Provision for online registration of F.I.R.:- The public will be able to file The police will be legally bind to take the action within 30 minutes of the filing F.I.R. It will make our city investment friendly.
19).Encroachment free city:- The Supreme Court’s order will be implemented in letter and spirit. Our government will go for ward wise market place policy .It will decongest our whole road. The proper rehabilitation policy will be implemented.
20).Underground electricity wiring:- There will be no overhead electrical wire. The wire will be passed underground. This step will make our city safe from electrical hazards.
21).World class schools and colleges:- Our city will have world class schools and colleges. They will be managed and run by the educationalists. The schools and colleges will be equipped with modern classrooms and laboratories. Financial model:-Fully funded by the government but the decision making will be done by the educationalists. The alumni will be encouraged to help their schools and colleges. The research at the schools and colleges will be funded by the industries.
22).” Be Entrepreneur Scheme”:- For the job creation this scheme will be implemented .Our government will support the budding entrepreneurs .The scheme will be implemented online. The audit report will be placed in public domain.
23).On time and transparent examination system:- Every exam will be held on time. The result will be also published on time.
24).Transparent competitive examination:- The examination will be transparent. The whole examination process will be audited. The report will be put in public domain.
25).Fast recruitment process:- Our recruitment agency will function independently just like UPSC(UNION PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION ).
The joining will be given within one month of the completion of the recruitment process.