Outline of our Party-Policy

Bihar is not just a state but it is mini India.So, the development of Bihar means the development of India.The development doesn’t require rocket science but it only requires “3D approach”.”3D” stands for:-
1.Dedication:- Dedication towards the people‘s development and transparent governance is in our blood.We have a team of young, professional and dedicated people under the leadership of our party chief. Our main objective is to mainstream it.
2. Discipline:- Discipline in life is must. Our every volunteer is very disciplined. It reflects in its public life.It will automatically transmit into governance model.
3. Devolution:- More and more power will be given to local tier government.It will strengthen our democracy.More evolved and needed program and policy will be formulated .It will be implemented flawlessly as local people are involved. It entrusts the sense of accountability, responsibility and transparency. Our governance model will revolve around these 3Ds.

Now we have done an extensive study on the need of Bihar which will put our state on the world’s map for its inclusive and sustainable nature of development. Bihar will become engine of not only India but the world. The soil of Lord Buddha will once again enlighten not only India but the whole world.The grit and determination of Dashrath Manjhi will guide the whole humanity. The intellectuality of Rajendra Prasad and Vashishtha Narayan Singh will guide whole the world once again. The Kautilya’s way of thinking will once again become central point of the poltics based on the integrity and dharma. The scientific temporment of Aryabhatt will guide whole the generation. The hardworking nature of our people will become symbol of the working class.The ‘nari shakti’ of Bhawna Kanth will change the patriarchal mindset of the society. Our girls will change the course of the society.They will become the changemakers and decision makers.Our farmers will dictate the term and conditions of the agricultural markets.They will become makers of modern India in true sense.Our youth will have ample opportunities in each field of own choice.They will be torch bearers in sports,entrepreneurship,administration,science and technology ,art and culture,education etc.Our human resources will not be brain drained.

Our policy and programme along with our integrity will suffice the path of the development. Our party will become the source for it. Keeping the view our experts by involving various stakeholders have prepared the pathway for our governance model. These will be implemented in time bound manner .It will be like legal bond.In case of non-fulfillment any people will drag us in the court of law.Our each and every step taken will be kept in the public domain for scrutiny.The independent auditor will audit the programs and policy.